Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Hair Routine/Mini Product Reviews

Currently my hair is in a TWA (teeny weeny afro) and I don't do much. I co-wash at least once a week with Tresseme conditioner, after that I add Qhemet's Olive & Amla Heavy Cream. I think this is a Holy Grail product, it makes my hair soft for days. On the days when I don't co-wash I spritz my hair with Qhemet's Kardaky Tea Spray, which I've diluted with about 1/3 cup water because it was too sticky for me initially. This product smells like maple syrup to me, but the smell dissipates. When I do wash my hair (whenever the mood strikes me) I use either Oyin Handmade's Grand Poo Bar (it's a shampoo bar and not a liquid shampoo) or Dr. Bronner's Magic All-in-One Soap in Peppermint or Eucalyptus, but those can be kind of stripping so I only use them if my hair or scalp seems super gunky.

This is my hair groove for right now, but I'm going to experiment with daily co-washing and see if it jumpstarts my growth, I believe it did before. I'm also in need of regular deep conditioning instead of doing it every blue moon when the mood strikes me. Honestly, I'm looking for a good natural deep conditioner and I have yet to find one, any reccs? I'm also going to start trying some more aryuvedic hair products as well.

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