Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nappy University

Saw this and love it!

Welcome Alumni!

Educating the African Diaspora since 1419, Nappy University is guided by a need to redefine the collective pasts of those of African origin, while shaping our academic, social, and economic futures. Nappy University is a school of thought.

We develop minds, examine the age old question of "What is Black?" and create Afrocentric mindsets through the process of BLACK LIFE. The lives of Black folk are our classrooms, and our students never miss a day. They have already received their B.A.s because they are born alumni. Now they are simply going higher in their education (i.e. higher education).

We are dedicated to the preservation of the history of the African Diaspora. We believe that all races and all nations have been richly blessed by our alumni.

We seek to progress the agenda of NU though a number of initiatives, most notably, Nappy University Clothing. We welcome all alumni and supporters of NU.

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