Saturday, July 26, 2008

To Loc or Not To Loc?

That is the question!

I am really considering locing my hair soon (within the next month). My doubts are this:
  1. If I start with combcoils now I'll have a lot of thin locs, which I'm not sure I want. However, I can always combine some if I want them thicker later.
  2. I have a hard time commiting to one hairstyle and although locs can be styled, because mine will be shorter for a while there won't be much I can do in way of "styles". However, I can thrown on different headbands I guess the loc equivalent of a TWA with a headband...
  3. The commitment that locing requires, as I said before I have a hard time with hair commitment and locs are a high commitment style. I guess if I didn't want them anymore I could always un-loc (although that's a heavy time commitment) or BC again.

I also have some questions about what method I'd like to use, so right now I'm researching on NP.

P.S. I stopped my hair growth experiment with the MN; I am too low-maintenance/lazy for that. LOL!

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