Monday, August 25, 2008

Watched Pot...

They say a watched pot never boils, so is that why it feels like my hair is growing slower than molasseses?

I KNOW that I'm starting off with shorter hair this time than my last BC, but it's still frustrating that my hair seems to be stuck at a certain length! I'm ready to do a puff and my butchered hair line area (1 inch in) is so short I don't know when that will be able to lay down. Also my Qhemet is not living up to my earlier hype and my hair is not as moisturized as I'd like. I think I'm about to order some avocado butter, I believe that did the trick before. I should have kept better notes when I was natural before because I can't remember what was the best butter for me. I'm thinking either the avocado or the shealoe (not the homemade kind).

I do know my hair is growing though because I was able to twist it, so I know it's getting there. I'm just being impatient!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nappy Updates...

As I type I am twisting my hair....yes at work! LOL! I am currently half way done and will take pictures when I get home tonight.

I am still thinking about locs, but will wait at least a year before making a final decision. I would like to reach my napp-limit, that's the time when I usually get frustrated and UNFORTUNATELY relax my hair. I think my napp-limit longest has been 9 mths. I plan on surpassing my napp-limit and enjoying a lifetime of nappiness!!

I will also not be trimming my hair until I reach my one year mark and I will be buying new trimming scissors for that occasion. I plan on twisting and trimming when that day comes (no loose trimming).

For my birthday I will be getting my hair "done" at a natural salon. I haven't chosen which one yet, but I think I will be getting some jazzy two strands.

I finished my hair yesterday at 3:00 pm because I wasn't doing them constantly. I added pics.

Edited to add pics taken (8/15/08)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Shake Your Beauty Natural Posts...

I love Tia Williams' blog Shake Your Beauty and this past month she has done two posts on products for natural girls. The first is about Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk, which I've used before and loved (esp. the smell), but I haven't used lately and the second is a hair routine of one of her natural friends (she looks like a nappy to me, Tia is a curly).

Enjoy the posts!

Tia Williams is a beauty blogger and former magazine beauty director, and is currently a writer... she also co-wrote Iman's beauty book.
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