Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nappy Updates...

As I type I am twisting my hair....yes at work! LOL! I am currently half way done and will take pictures when I get home tonight.

I am still thinking about locs, but will wait at least a year before making a final decision. I would like to reach my napp-limit, that's the time when I usually get frustrated and UNFORTUNATELY relax my hair. I think my napp-limit longest has been 9 mths. I plan on surpassing my napp-limit and enjoying a lifetime of nappiness!!

I will also not be trimming my hair until I reach my one year mark and I will be buying new trimming scissors for that occasion. I plan on twisting and trimming when that day comes (no loose trimming).

For my birthday I will be getting my hair "done" at a natural salon. I haven't chosen which one yet, but I think I will be getting some jazzy two strands.

I finished my hair yesterday at 3:00 pm because I wasn't doing them constantly. I added pics.

Edited to add pics taken (8/15/08)

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