Monday, August 25, 2008

Watched Pot...

They say a watched pot never boils, so is that why it feels like my hair is growing slower than molasseses?

I KNOW that I'm starting off with shorter hair this time than my last BC, but it's still frustrating that my hair seems to be stuck at a certain length! I'm ready to do a puff and my butchered hair line area (1 inch in) is so short I don't know when that will be able to lay down. Also my Qhemet is not living up to my earlier hype and my hair is not as moisturized as I'd like. I think I'm about to order some avocado butter, I believe that did the trick before. I should have kept better notes when I was natural before because I can't remember what was the best butter for me. I'm thinking either the avocado or the shealoe (not the homemade kind).

I do know my hair is growing though because I was able to twist it, so I know it's getting there. I'm just being impatient!

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