Monday, September 22, 2008

Let it do what it do...


Long time no blog. I've been so caught up with life in general I haven't had time to really do much or think much about my nappy hair. LOL! Well, I've decided that I am going to loc up my hair! Yay me. Here's how I pretty much decided, #1 I am lazy. I feel like locs will be pretty low maintenance. #2 I want my hair to show length, to do that as a natural I would pretty much have to wear it twisted all the time, which clashes with my #1 because I am too lazy to twist. So, locs seem like a good answer to that. #3 Have you ever noticed whenever you're reading an article about hair (not in a black hair magazine of course*) that the first thing they say is to think about your hair type before you pick a style and that the best style is one that works with your hair, not against it. Well, if you've never noticed, that is what they say. I personally think that my hairtype would work great with locs. The nappiness should help with the locing process and hopefully I will be fully loc'd by month 6.

I plan on going to Noire Salon, the owner has GORGEOUS locs and she comes highly recommended. My only thought right now is as to whether I want to start with comb coils or two-strands. I like comb coils because they look "loc-like" immediately, but they unravel easily during the washing process. I like the two-strands because they do not unravel as easily and I believe that they take less time to loc. I think I will defer to Noire or maybe not, I see myself really leaning towards the two-strands, the more that I think about it. I also hope that, whomever does my hair sees that they can indeed two-strand my hair.

Once upon a time, I went to another natural salon in the DC area (name witheld) and when I came in, with probably more hair than I have now, and asked for two-strands the stylist was like, "Your hair is too short for two-strands." So, then I say, well I just did some last week. Then she goes, "Oh." What natural hair stylist doesn't know about SHRINKAGE! I mean I came in there with a bohemian fro that was dry, how in the H-E-double hockey sticks, would you know how long my hair is from that? That should have been a sign to bounce, but I didn't. I got my two-strands, but they were MICRO (I did not ask for micro two-strands) and she used a product that was greasier than fried pig fat. But, I digress...

Locs it is, I will hopefully have pics of my starter locs up this weekend. I have yet to make my appointment, but I'm calling in today. This is an early birthday present to myself (Oct. 6...the big 2-9!).

*Nappy Note: Working with your hairtype is an anomaly in the black community because on the whole most of "us" work so hard against it by relaxing it or pressing it to make it straight.

ETA: My dream locs
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