Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Re-twist

Morning all!

I did my first re-twist this weekend, at first I was a little anxious on how it would turn out, but after visiting You Tube and searching for loc maintenance videos I felt more confident. So, I went to Macy's to visit the Carol's Daughter counter (which I didn't know even existed until a week ago!). I initially wanted the Hair Milk (I love the smell) I thought it could be a good moisturizer and/or something I could dilute and use as a spray for my locs. Well, of course they were out of it, but they did have a product called Hair Balm. The consistency of the Hair Balm is like a gel/oil consistency, but it melts in your hands almost immediately. Because of this, I thought it would make a great re-twisting agent. I'm kinda cool on using a gel because I'm afraid of build up. I washed my hair before so for the re-twist I decided to just dampen with my diluted Greg's Juice (by Oyin). I actually took two days to do it, but it was because I took my time and several breaks.

Pic: During The Process (Top is the "before" pic LOL!)

Pic Finished

I also rinsed them this morning because I don't like when they lay all flat and I like them a bit "puffy"; I'll post pics when I get home this evening! :)

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