Monday, October 27, 2008

It's my ONE MONTH loc-aversary!

Hello, I am super-psyched because it is my one month anniversary of putting my hair into twists and starting my locs. I've had mostly good days with my locs and it hasn't really been hard. My only negatives were the first time I rinsed and just wanted to see how a re-twist would look and I freaked when it didn't look like all the lovely re-twists on fotki. Then I went to NP and relaxed after some much needed advice. I then went to you tube to search for some loc maintenance vids and found out how to do it (I'm a visual learner). My next negative actually happened two days ago, my hair hadn't been re-twisted in a while & I know it probably looked a little "wild" and the DH suggested I go to a loctician to have them start my locs. I was blown to say the least! For a while I actually considered it; I then thought about how far I've come and how my babies in the back don't even unravel and I was like to HELL with starting over! I just went, washed my babies, and did my own re-twist. He hasn't said anything else about it, so I guess he just wanted me to re-twist. The thing is, he is a "shop dred" he's had locs twice now and he's always been dependent on a loctician for his washing and maintenance. Where as I want to be a DIY-er. I don't particularly like salons, don't really trust stylists, and like to be in control of what is going on with my head. But because he is a shop loc-er, his aesthetic is definitely more controlled than mine is. In fact I HATE for my babies to be lying down, I think they look better when they're "puffed up", they have more life & character in my opinion.

Anyway, I'm just happy my first month is down. I'm learning and loving it each day! These pics are the result of a water rinse and ACV rinse this morning.

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