Thursday, October 2, 2008

Party Like a Loc Star...

Yes, I have started my locs. No, I did not go to the salon. I did them myself; I'm a do-it-yourself-er at heart and why start something with a pro, when I plan on maintaining them myself anyway? So my loc babies were born on Sept. 27, 2008!

The Process:
It took me about 4 hrs. altogether, usually twisting takes me two hours, but I wanted to make sure that the horizontal parts were pretty straight. I also tried to make the rows in the brick laying pattern, so my locs would lay a certain way as they mature. I used Barry Fletcher thick and slick custard to twist. It's a pretty natural product and doesn't cause build up or flaking. The top part of my hair is the loosest and the ends like to splay and not join, so they will probably take a little longer to loc and they will definitely frizz the most. I am making peace with that. To see more pics, please visit my fotki album!

Almost 1 week in:
This morning I rinsed my locs while I was in the shower. The DH thought I had retwisted my hair, he said it looked good. I told him that I just rinsed them in the shower, it brought some life back to them. I'm still trying to figure out what my nightime routine will be. During this week I've worn a du-rag, a loose "wave" cap, and nothing but my satin pillow. I don't like the flatness of the du-rag, but I don't like the total freedom of the pillow. I'm thinking about getting a satin bonnet thing or just doing a loose satin scarf. For daily maintenance I've basically been doing nothing, every other day I sprayed it with some water in a spritzer bottle. Low maintenance and LOVING IT! :) I plan on washing and re-twisting the weekend of Oct. 11th. I will update then!

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