Sunday, November 23, 2008

Living la vida loc(a)

Okay, long time no post, but grad school is kicking my behind and I had to get a tooth extracted from a botched root canal. In more pleasant news, I am still chugging along. I actually just did a wash and re-twist yesterday. I am still rinsing almost every other day and I am also budding in the back most definitely and trying to bud a bit uptop. The top of my hair is still fuzzy-wuzzy and comes mostly aloose during washes. I've decided to not keep two-strand twisting the top when they come a loose and instead am doing finger coils there. I believe (whether in truth or error) that continually re-two-stranding them would be futile in the progress of them locing faster. I also have shrugged off the notion that I should re-twist less, my reasons are #1 my re-twists aren't really tight in the first place and #2 it's essentially the same as someone who washes and fingercoils or twists everyweek since my locs are babies, this means that there is no re-twistsing of previously twisted area, I'm always twisting loose hair.

I will try and take a picture of my locs tomorrow, this time I have a side part instead of my usual middle part. I cannot wait until my hair is longer so I can do a re-twist and then bantu knot the twists instead of using clips, this will both make things easier with my re-twist and give me a new style. I might actually try that with the next re-twist since it is getting a bit longer.

Oh last, but not least, as the wife of someone with extremely manicured, shop locs I sometimes feel my husband looking at my head like WTF! LOL! It's funny because he hasn't said anything since that one time he mentioned maybe I should get them restarted at a salon. I guess he learned I wasn't really listening in that regard. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that sometimes I get the urge to go to the salon just to see what the difference is and I might act on that impulse sometime this month or next month. I however will never stop my continual process of rinsing and "watering" my babies, the thought of my short locs looking plastered to my head is not something that excites me in anyway, I guess the thing I like the best about shop locs is the presence of clearly visible partings, which is usually non-existent on me. LOL!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Just chugging along...

Hello everyone,

I'm just chugging along here on my journey. I did a re-twist yesterday and wonder of wonders I wore a scarf to bed and DID NOT rinse this morning. LOL! These are firsts for me. Anyway, I'm loving the journey from the retwists to the rinses to the washing. The only question I have is, when I wash and re-twist those that come apart, should I retwist them as two-strand twists or should I just finger coil them like how I retwist my roots? Does re-two strand twisting them impede the locing process? Other than that, things are fine. I can't wait until they all fully loc. I'll add pics later tonight.
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