Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Product Junkie

You may not know this, but I'm a reformed product junkie (aka PJ). It's been a while since I've bought something new, but I have just bought two products from Carol's Daughter. One product is an old favorite of mine, Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk. I've always loved the smell of this and nursed a sample bottle for like a year. I decided since I love this so much I HAD to buy it again. Luckily the Macy's near me has a Carol's Daughter section in the cosmetics/fragrance section! I have not found this in another Macy's I've been to so far, holler at me if you know another Macy's that has this. So, I bought that and her Black Vanilla Leave-In conditioner. I've been using the leave-in as a daily moisture spray while I'm in my twists and I have definitely found a new favorite. Most other moisture sprays for naturals have so much glycerin in it (good for moisture bad for the ick factor), but this one doesn't. I cannot stand anything that makes my hair feel sticky and most sprays do and then I end up watering them down, but not this one. All the moisture, none of the sticky!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Year, New Me!

Okay, so it's an early start to the new year, but hey! I was happy on my loc journey, but the other day I just decided I wasn't ready to loc. I've neve gone longer than 9 mths. natural in all my incarnations and I'd really like to see myself natural and loose after 1 year. So, on Dec. 23rd I took down my locs and deep conditioned by applying olive oil to my damp hair and wearing a plastic shower cap (and two scarfs holding it down on top). The next day I washed with Elucence Moisture Acidifying Shampoo and conditioned with a Tresseme conditioner. I then went through my hair with a wide tooth comb for an initial detangling, I then seperated my hair into 5 for puffs and ran through each section with my Goody (knock-off denman) brush, all this was with conditioner still in my hair. After I put each section in a puff I lightly rinsed some of the conditioner out. I then started with the lower back puff and added shea butter to that section and then just grab and twisted it up.

My master plan is to stay in protective styles for most of the time, since my locs were that essentially and I retained a lot of growth. So my regime for the winter months are to wear a protective style for two weeks (rinsing or co-washing in the protective style after one week ) and then wearing my hair out for no more than 3-5 days, then back into the protective style. I will wash every 2 weeks until the warmer months. I plan to continue to try and use mostly lighter and natural products, that's one thing that having locs taught me I don't need a lot of thick heavy or chemically products in my hair.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I went to a salon and got loc maintenance yesterday! I really loved my experience, my stylist's name is Stacy and I would definitely recommend her to ANYONE! She works at Urban Nature Salon in Silver Spring, MD. (If you decide to go to her, please tell her Kenesha referred you!)

Without further ado, here are the pics!



hang time LOL!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rocking the Loc-Puff!

Hello all,

Lately I've been rocking what's known as the loc-puff. This means that my roots are puffy and the ends are loc'd, it kind of looks like a twistout when I wear it with my headband. I kinda like it, but I know to the uninitiated if they looked at me, they'd never think I had "locs". This loc-puff is the result of rinsing everyother day and not having a retwist for a minute since I still have baby locs. I'll take a pic and post it tomorrow. I'm just really loving the low-keyness of maintaining my hair right now.

Pic 1 is 12/5/08 and pic 2 is 12/08/08


I have a surprise in store coming next week...STAY TUNED!
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