Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Year, New Me!

Okay, so it's an early start to the new year, but hey! I was happy on my loc journey, but the other day I just decided I wasn't ready to loc. I've neve gone longer than 9 mths. natural in all my incarnations and I'd really like to see myself natural and loose after 1 year. So, on Dec. 23rd I took down my locs and deep conditioned by applying olive oil to my damp hair and wearing a plastic shower cap (and two scarfs holding it down on top). The next day I washed with Elucence Moisture Acidifying Shampoo and conditioned with a Tresseme conditioner. I then went through my hair with a wide tooth comb for an initial detangling, I then seperated my hair into 5 for puffs and ran through each section with my Goody (knock-off denman) brush, all this was with conditioner still in my hair. After I put each section in a puff I lightly rinsed some of the conditioner out. I then started with the lower back puff and added shea butter to that section and then just grab and twisted it up.

My master plan is to stay in protective styles for most of the time, since my locs were that essentially and I retained a lot of growth. So my regime for the winter months are to wear a protective style for two weeks (rinsing or co-washing in the protective style after one week ) and then wearing my hair out for no more than 3-5 days, then back into the protective style. I will wash every 2 weeks until the warmer months. I plan to continue to try and use mostly lighter and natural products, that's one thing that having locs taught me I don't need a lot of thick heavy or chemically products in my hair.

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Amina said...'s okay
the first time i tried to lock, i lasted 10 days and missed my loose hair soo much
this is my 3 weeks and so far i don't miss my loose hair but it won't surprise me if in a few years, i go back to it
enjoy your hair!!

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