Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rocking the Loc-Puff!

Hello all,

Lately I've been rocking what's known as the loc-puff. This means that my roots are puffy and the ends are loc'd, it kind of looks like a twistout when I wear it with my headband. I kinda like it, but I know to the uninitiated if they looked at me, they'd never think I had "locs". This loc-puff is the result of rinsing everyother day and not having a retwist for a minute since I still have baby locs. I'll take a pic and post it tomorrow. I'm just really loving the low-keyness of maintaining my hair right now.

Pic 1 is 12/5/08 and pic 2 is 12/08/08


I have a surprise in store coming next week...STAY TUNED!

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