Monday, January 26, 2009

My Hair Regimen: Washing & Conditioning

Hello ladies!

I always wonder what people do to their hair on a daily basis; I mean like the littlest things because sometimes I feel so inept until I know what someone did to get their hair exactly like that! LOL! So, I'm going to practice what I preach and be more detailed in my blog and fotki. So, here goes:

Wash Routine:
I usually wash my hair only once a week and I only do it when I am going to do a totally new style. I do this because #1 nappy hair should not be washed a lot because it leeches the natural oils out, #2 I like to manipulate my hair when it is wet or damp to reduce frustration and breakage. When I wash I was using Elucence Moisture Acidifying shampoo (mainly because I have a 32oz. bottle and I'm only half way through it), but I will now limit that to once a month washing. I just started using baking soda as my "shampoo" and so far I like it, in fact just last night I used it on my son's hair and I liked it for him as well. After washing my hair, mainly focusing on cleansing my scalp, I rinse well and under the shower stream and detangle using my Jilbere shower comb. I then add my conditioner (currently using: TRESemmé vitamin E moisture rich conditioner) to my damp hair *see damp hair on right.

I then step out the shower and section my hair for my "detangling puffs". To do this I use a wide tooth comb to part my hair, I like to part my hair according to my hair types as well, i.e. the sides of my hair are tighter than the front and middle, so I make two sections for the sides. I grasp the ends of the hair and use my Goody (fake Denman) brush to detangle, making sure to detangle the ends first and then brushing from the scalp to the ends. After I detangle a section I put on a Goody ouchless rubber band on the section to make a puff. *see pic to the right
I will ALWAYS section my hair like this when washing/conditioning/styling my hair. Here is why:
#1: It stretches my hair a bit. *see diff. in puff pic length and washed hair length pic at beginning of post
#2: My hair is freshly detangled and separated this way.
#3: Easier to moisturize this way.
#4: Keeps unstyled hair out the way.

After this is done, I lightly rinse my hair under my sink to get out any globs of conditioner, my goal is not to rinse all the conditioner out, but to rinse enough so it's not noticeable in my hair. I then move on to moisturizing my hair. I moisturize my hair by adding whatever moisturizer to each puff section as I style my hair. My favorite moisturizer right now is raw shea butter that I get from a health food store near my son's school, but I also use Qhemet's Heavy Cream, and Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk.

I will post more details on my styling methods in a later post!

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