Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nappy, What's in a Name?

The title of this blog is Nappy: The Other "N" Word and you may be wondering why I named it this. Well, I feel like the word Nappy has gotten (does get) a bad rap. Nappy is the "N" word, that most people don't want to be called, oh sure drop a few niggas on a song and no one cares, but call someone's hair nappy and they want to fight you. I'm sure we all know why this is, if you don't here's a quick history lesson:

We are colonized people, the colonizers made us believe that what was most like them was good and was most naturally like ourselves was bad, i.e. They made us hate ourselves and love their wealth - Nas, just replace wealth with skin color, hair texture, hair color, eye color, etc.

This also reminds me of the whole Don Imus Nappy Headed Hos comment. I believe (black)people were more upset that he called them nappy headed, that hos. I say this for two reasons, number one: black women get called hos all day everyday and most people aren't up in arms, on tv, on the radio, on the net, on the street, name a place and a black woman has been called a ho there. Secondly, I had a conversation with a group of black people, men and women, about the whole incident. A black man (Af-Amer. Studies type) said that he believed most people were upset about the whole nappy issue and not the ho issue and cited his mother's chagrin of the use of the word, he says that shouldn't have been an issue because nappy hair is just nappy hair, neither good or bad (only thinking, makes it so - Shakespeare). Another black woman stated she didn't want anyone calling her hair nappy, that it was insulting. And there you go, call a woman a ho and she's pissed, but say her hair is nappy and she's insulted. Of course, I am being dramatic with that last part, but it's partly true. So, this blog is a reclaiming of the word nappy, it's not a bad word, it's not an insult, it's just nappy.

Main Entry: nappy
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s):
nap·pi·er; nap·pi·est
Etymology: nap
Date: 1785

kinky: closely twisted or curled

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mamacita said...

I love your hair. I wish more black women wore their hair "natural." Be proud of who you are! But I'm sure there's pressure, esp. from the older folks. Maybe one day even Mrs. O will go natural -- one step at a time, I guess.

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