Tuesday, January 27, 2009

State of the Nappy Union…

My BC was May 27, 2008 and today is my 8th month of nappiness! I am very excited and proud of myself, if I recall correctly, the 8 month mark is where I’ve usually faltered, but I have no desire to relax or otherwise chemically alter my hair! I will say that I pretty much have a comfortable routine down and I am not deluding myself into thinking my hair can do things which it cannot, nor am I measuring my hair for growth every other day, which I think definitely helps with staying on the nappy wagon. Too many times we get frustrated out of hair envy, growth chasing, and unfortunately lack of support from our friends and family members.

This time on my journey I find myself seeking out hair inspirations that have hair types/textures similar to my own; this helps with seeing exactly what my hair CAN DO versus being hung up on what it CANNOT DO. I think this is a good tip for newbies and vets alike, in embracing your own texture it helps to have idols that look like you. As for growth, I believe my hair is growing very well because of my decision to wear mainly protective styles in the form of twists. I know for some the word protective styles can equal boring, but I find ways to rock my twists differently and add accessories to spice it up. I wore my hair out when it was too short to twist, but since I’ve been able to twist I have been doing that on a consistent basis. I think I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve worn it in a puff since then. It also helps that it’s winter and in the winter I like to protect my hair as much as possible anyway because of the harsh conditions. Lastly, I am happy to say that my husband loves me whether my hair is straight or nappy. In fact, at work he was talking to some women at his job about his own hair (which is loc’d) and they asked him if his wife was natural, too. When he replied, yes, they then go on to say, well she wasn’t natural when you all got married was she, he says no, but I am happy that she is the type of woman that can go natural and isn’t afraid of her natural hair. I am sure you can guess as to what their responses were on why they could not go natural, I’ll give you a hint, their response had the word NAPPY in it! LOL! My family I guess is used to me doing different things with my hair now, so it’s basically business as usual.

In the coming months as I approach my one year mark, I hope to master some new styles/techniques…cornrows maybe? I also plan on having a nappiversary party for myself because it will be a very happy milestone for me; I have never made it to the one year mark being natural, but I feel that this is the year that I will!

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