Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy/Lazy Lady...

Hello all,

I haven't blogged in about two weeks, but I've been really busy with life stuff, but I am still sorry I haven't kept in touch. Because I've been busy I've also been really lazy with my hair. Well, except for the fact that one wknd. I got it braided into a faux-hawk (pics in my fotki). So, for the past week I've been doing the nappy lazy girl hairstlye...a puff! I'm loving it though, the only issue is it tangles like the bejeezmus, so when detangle time comes there's a lot of detangling to do. I also henna'd my hair last week. I got my henna from and I got their Henna for African Hair. Here's a description: This henna has the finest sift for easy rinsing from fragile, damaged, chemically processed hair. This henna is produced for us in the Indus Bhera and Mailsi henna growing regions. This henna is ideal for relaxed, damaged, and fragile hair (whether or not you have African hair). It is the only henna I recommend for locks because it is so easy to rinse out. This henna has good gray coverage, leaves shimmering red highlights on dark hair.
And it was true to it's word, easy to rinse out and a lovely red tint to my hair. Pics to come of the process and my hair. But before I leave, let me tell you one thing, DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS in the place of plastic gloves when henna-ing your hair! LOL!

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