Thursday, November 25, 2010

Long time, BC, and updates.

Well, I made an EPIC FAIL of my transition!  But do not be scared; I failed because I just did a BC instead, so still no relaxer for me!  YAY ME!  I ended up doing the BC on July 29th, so I didn't transition long at all.  Here are pics from the big day:

Since then I got my hair put into kinky twists on the weekend of October 1st and I just took them out last weekend, Nov. 20th.  These are pics of the week before I took them out:

Now, I felt weak this past weekend and almost relaxed my hair, but I DID NOT! I took to the net and visited BGLH (my go to site for fly natural hair nowadays) and was inspired to keep on keeping on.

So, after taking my hair out this weekend I was flummoxed as to what to do to my hair next.  I kind of want twists again, but a different kind, but I decided to give my hair a break and rest, so my hair is out.  I wore it out in a puff to work this week, but today I decided to put it into twists.  I went to my "go-to-style" which is flat twists in the front to the side (secret: I do it to the side that I'm better at twisting on, my left) and two strand twists in the back.  I will post pics later, my camera is on the fritz, plus I need to do a product review on my latest natural products.

See you soon and I promise not to go this long between posts again!

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