Saturday, December 4, 2010

Product Haul, Taliah Waajid Products

I made a product haul this past weekend, since I hadn't seen my natural hair in a minute and I was all out of my usual stuff.  I decided to purchase mostly Taliah Waajid products because a natural stylist used them on me before and I really liked them then.  Also, Taliah Waajid  is really the Mother of natural hair products, not Carol's Daughter as some might like to think. 

So, I bought her Total Body Black Earth Shampoo, The Great Detangler, and Protective Mist Bodiphier.

Total Body Black Earth Shampoo
Total Body Black Earth Shampoo is excellent for normal to dry, damaged, or over-processed hair. Total Body cleans while softening and making hair more manageable.
This shampoo made my hair nice and moist and didn't feel stripping at all.  I believe I will make this my staple shampoo.  I used it after having twists for 7 weeks with minimal initial detangling and it made my hair feel as if i didn't even need any conditioner.  In fact, I only used a leave-in conditioner afterward.  I've also used this on my sons' hair, one is a 4A and one is a 3B and it worked great for them as well.  I highly recommend this shampoo for all kinky and curly hair types!  ***** 5 STAR RATING!
Protective Mist Bodiphier
  • Moisturizes & Conditions
  • Coats hair, Stops Breakage
  • Softens for manageability
  • Detangles, Removes braids

This is a spray that almost feels like an oil instead of a water based liquid.  This is a good thing because it moisturizes withouth giving a lot of shrinkage.  This is a good spray to refresh a loose or protective style as well as a good spray to use while detangling.  I have used this on all of our hair as well and I'm a believer.  I also really like it's light coconut smell.

The Great Detangler
Eliminates tangles on contact. Softens hair, defines curl pattern. Stops breakage while combing curly, kinky, coily and wavy hair. Hair Detangler is rich with moisturizers, protein and conditioners. Coats and protects hair while softening.

I didn't use this on myself, but on my son.  He has curly hair that I detangle every morning from his wild sleeping and this worked well on his daily tangles.  I will give this product a *** 3 STAR RATING for now, but only because I haven't used it enough to give it a thorough trial.


Ms.Larutan said...

Even though I think I've found my staple products... I really want to try Taliah Waajid products. The Protective Mist Bodiphier sounds good. I've never found something that could moisturize without giving shrinkage! Goodd Review!

Catina Rogers said...

I just purchased the great detangler, I was expecting a wow this is great, but it was more like oh this is alright. I have 4 type kinky hair. I didn't get that much slip and I didnt have that much definition. I have tried the Curly Curl Cream, that make coils come alive, not greasy, but your hair will shrink with it.

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