Friday, January 28, 2011

Straightening the Kinks...

I've been thinking long and hard about straightening my hair (permanently).  I hear the audible gasps, so let me run down my thought process - these are the questions I've been asking myself:

Do I want to stay natural and KNOW for my hairtype I'm going to have to always twist or stretch it in some way to style it?

My plan is to wear it straightened once I hit shoulder length by blowdrying and flatironing, so is it worth it to stay natural?

Are the negatives of relaxing worth the negatives of keeping it natural?

I think w/ relaxed hair I know how to take care of it better and I can neglect it more w/o adverse effects.  It sounds backwards, but it's true for my hair.  Relaxed all I have to do is put on a satin cap at night and maybe wrap it and I'm good until the next wash time.  I’m a beast at rollersetting (or at least I was) so maintenance is easier for me and with my new role as a single mom, taking grad school courses, a new demanding job - with twice a month travel; easy is what I need.

My Hair Circa 2008 - Rollerset
No matter what I decide, I'll document it all here, because whether I'm natural or relaxed...I'm still a Very Kinky Girl!

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Anonymous said...

just do what you want to do. When I hit my goal length of BSL I am going to straighten (heat) on a regular basis. At least I think I will. Its just hair. Its probably the easiest thing to fix in life.

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