Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Been A Long Time: Pt. 1 Hair Evolutions

Oh wow! It's been such a long time and my hair has gone through some cha-cha-changes since I last wrote. I did indeed relax my hair, but now I'm back natural again. Let me take you through the last year and a half of what's been going on with my hair and then in Part 2 I'll tell you about the new direction that "Hair to There" will be going.

First my hair, like I said I relaxed and for the reasons in my last post. During that time I've had cornrows, a weave, and yarn braids (genie locs). Unfortunately, when I got my last relaxer retouch I must have had a scalp issue I didn't know about because it severely affected an area in the back of my head and my hair started to break and come out there.

That's when I said to myself when are you going to quit playing and STAY NATURAL! Oh, I'm good at GOING NATURAL, but staying natural is my issue. I eventually get to a point where I don't want to go through the "hassle" of dealing with it and revert to what I know best, the relaxer. I've been relaxed for as long as I can remember; I don't remember my first one, but I think I was around 7 or 8, that's a LONG TIME AGO! So, I owe it to myself, my hair, and my health to LEARN my natural hair and not give up when I get frustrated.   So my last relaxer was in October (don't remember the date) and I ended up BC'ing in June after I took my Genie Locs out.

Gotta love Shrinkage!
This is a Twist-Out

Here's a trip down memory lane of my hair progression from the last post until now.
Pre-Relaxer (Jan 1, 2011):


Professionally Done
Self Install w/ Net


Genie Locs:

Me Now!

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