Monday, September 17, 2012

YouTube Idol: Charjay

Let's talk hair idols. There are some girls on YT that just have super amazing awesome hair and I "idolize" something about their hair whether it's their versatility in styles or their knowledge on haircare processes. I tend to admire lots of YT's hair, but I try to only call someone an idol if their hair texture is similar to mine. No need in looking up to a head of hair that my hair has no hope in Hades of EVER looking like. So, cheers to the 4a/4b hair ladies on YouTube that keep me inspired.

Today the hair idol I will be spotlighting is the most awesome Charjay!

Charjay is one of my hair idols because she creates the most amazing styles, her hair growth has been awesome, and she's had great entrepreneurial success in the natural hair arena. She's the face of Huetiful Hair Steamer, Entwine- Naturalle Couture, and now has come out with her own Style Cards!
Huetiful Hair Steamer

Charjay Style Card

Visit her blog and her YT and see if you don't find her hair amazing!

This post is not sponsored or paid for in anyway.  All ideas expressed are solely those of the author. 

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