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Hello world,

This is my fourth time "going natural". It seems like I do this every two years now, but I'm praying and believing that this will be my last time and that I will stay natural for the rest of my life. So, I guess the next important item to address is why am I natural.

I'm natural because:

  • I believe that it is healthier for not only my hair, but my entire wellness.
  •  I believe that in this post-colonial society that natural black hair is vilified ESPESCIALLY in the black community and that maybe I can be an example of it's beauty.
  •  In that vein, I want black people to see that ANYONE can and SHOULD return to their natural hair no matter their hair type, being as I don't have "good hair". (good hair is defined by those unenlightened in the African Diaspora as hair that is either naturally curly or wavy, i.e. closer to a Eurocentric standard - also known as a "good grade of hair")
  • I want my sons (and future daughters???) to appreciate and love a black woman with her OWN natural GOD GIVEN hair because the most beautiful and important woman in his life has natural hair (that would be me, their mom).
  • If I ever have a daughter I want her to be able to wear her own hair "naked and unashamed" because she's seen her mother do it all her life.

Why I've gone back to the relaxer in the past:

  • Laziness (I was pregnant, couldn't do my own hair, and I thought it would be easier relaxed).
  •  Black Hair Matrix* Re-lapse.
  • Extreme Nap-Hate from family members, specifically my mom who now has been forced to go natural for the health of her hair and scalp
*The Black Hair Matrix is a term coined by Nappturality Member LaBellatrix to describe the lies that we tell ourselves and each other about black natural hair. I will expound on those lies in later posts.

P.S. My blog title picture is from my BC in 2006.
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